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Email solutions for CBD companies

One of the best ways to reach your customers and generate revenue is email marketing.

Unfortunately many of the most common email marketing and CRM solutions have restrictions or vague policies for CBD.  Some straight up tell you they do not allow CBD or cannabis on their platforms.  Others have policies that leave you guessing and potentially in danger of having your account shut down.  We have heard horror stories of email providers shutting accounts down and companies losing their entire email list!

Here comes Active Campaign to save the day!  We have done extensive research on multiple email providers and their compliance policies.   Active Campaign does allow CBD.   To be extra sure we actually contacted them and had them review our site prior to signing up to be completely sure. 

cbd email marketing, cannabis email marketing, hemp email marketing, cbd email solution, cbd email, cbd email provider, cannabis email, marijuana email marketing, cbd email strategy

We would encourage you to do the same.  Get an official in writing stamp of approval from their compliance team.  With so many uncertainties and unnecessary regulations in the CBD industry it feels good to have one aspect of your marketing options secure.

First why is CBD email marketing so important?

  1. Controlling your own destiny!  When you use other digital marketing channels such as social media, search, display etc. You are at the mercy of the big networks and their ever-changing algorithms. For example Facebook/Instagram continue to show your posts to fewer people in favor of their paid advertising. This means people who have raised their hands by liking or following you don’t get to see your posts unless you pay for them.  Seems unfair right? Well unless you are the next Mark Zuckerburg it is not changing.  Email though is a reliable way to reach those people who have said they want to hear from you. Every time you send out content to your email list there is a very good chance they will see it.  No stock price increasing algorithm blocking you!
  2. Email is not restricted for CBD marketing.  You thought fighting against algorithms was your only CBD digital marketing challenge? We wish it were that simple. CBD and Cannabis are heavily restricted on all the major search and social networks for paid advertising.   While educational sites, some topicals and products that say hemp only have the ability to advertise there is still a lot of grey area.  There is a good chance your campaign will be disapproved at any time or rejected outright from the get go.  We have come up with strategies to avoid this if interested visit here.  Email though has no restrictions.  If someone says they want to get your CBD email offers Google or Facebook are not stopping them. 
  3. CBD Email marketing generates revenue! Done properly CBD email marketing can be a great revenue generator for your business. Think strategically and segment your list for the biggest impact.  Consider upsells offers for people who purchased by offering them complimentary products.  Employ a cart abandoning strategy to increase conversion ratios.  Announce sales, new products or overall company news.  CBD Email marketing allows you to do all these strategies plus more!

Why we like Active Campaign

Besides that fact that they allow CBD email marketing they are a great overall email and CRM solution for your growing cannabis company.   

Price:  Like most email marketing solutions they offer different packages and price points.  The packages range from beginner to professional solutions.  Your existing email list size and the features you need will determine your package.  When comparing prices across multiple providers they have very competitive rates.

Onboarding:  They hold your hand every step of the way.   First you can schedule a sales demo to help you understand the price options and features.  At this point is when you should bring up that you are a CBD business.  Ask for a review of your site to ensure you will get in writing that your site will be approved.   Once you are signed up they will schedule multiple onboarding calls at a weekly intervals to ensure you are taking the right steps to get started.  This includes integrations, strategy and learning the interface.

WordPress Plugin:  If your CBD website is created with WordPress we love solutions that offer plugins!  Makes life so much simpler when you can press a button to get things going.

Segmentation:  One of the keys to CBD email marketing success is having a properly segmented list.  Through tagging and campaign creation Active Campaign facilitates this easily.

Automation:  Every email provider should provide automation.  Active campaign does it in a simple to follow drag and drop flow chart.  This makes setting up your automatic email sequence easy and seamless.

Email templates:  Drag and drop email designs allow for creative content delivery to your list.  They also offer custom HTML options if you would like design your own.  The library feature allows you to save email design blocks.  This gives you the ability to reuse content segments of your emails to

In conclusion every minute you waste not collecting emails equals lost revenue. Start today you will not regret it.