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CBD Business Success During Covid-19

How to weather the corona storm as a CBD business and grow your revenue.  

In this article we will cover how to ensure your CBD brand succeeds in these uncertain times. Most importantly keep you and your staff safe while growing your CBD business

First be honest with your customers do not peddle any false claims!

We have heard rumors of companies claiming CBD helps with corona virus. Please avoid making those claims at all cost. It does not help your brand and certainly does not help the industry.

Focus your messaging on what health benefits CBD is proven to support

What you should be focusing on related to Covid-19 and CBD are the already known benefits of CBD. Encourage your customers to live an healthy life while using CBD. You can address CBD and corona virus by talking about actual benefits that do relate to the current environment. For example many people are experiencing high levels of anxiety right now. CBD can help with corona virus related anxiety. I know my anxiety levels are certainly up. Taking CBD has definitely helped during this difficult time.

Lack of sleep due to corona virus stress can also real thing. People are seriously stressed right now worried about their health, their family, children are home, jobs may be in jeopardy all of this can definitely keep people up at night. You can tailor your marketing messaging to cover how CBD can help with covid-19 related insomnia.

Emphasize your clean process and the safety measures you are taking with your manufacturing.  

Now more than ever it is important to stress sanitary and safe way your products are manufactured. We suggest putting a special notice on your website with an official overview of how you always take extra precaution with your manufacturing and shipping.

It is also a good idea to stress how you are protecting your own employees. This is not only proper business management but good PR that your CBD organization is taking the covid-19 crisis seriously. A strong safety first strategy will reassure your customers. It is also a great opportunity to show your customers a behind the scenes video. People love those types of videos and in this environment it is nice to see not just read about your safety precautions.

Online marketing to get your CBD Covid-19 messaging seen.

Google and Facebook have reported 50 percent plus increase in online sales.  Now is the time to push your online sales. People are stuck at home and spending a lot more time online. Time to up your CBD marketing game and get in-front of people online

Stay as active as possible on social media. Boost your CBD brand messaging during corona virus.  

Talk about your brand, talk about your customers, talk about yourself.  Likely you are stuck at home just like everyone else, so if you are comfortable get personal.  People will relate to your brand more! There is nothing wrong with mixing positive personal messages with branded content. People actually resonate more with brands they feel are not just trying to sell them all the time. Remember be sensitive to the times. Do not just push the same sales messaging you always did prior to the pandemic. Tweak your copy to address what is going on in the world. Do not come across as trying to take advantage of the crisis but focus safety, known benefits of CBD, and how you and your family are personally coping.

Email, Email, Email!

Now is the time to get your email out reach in order.  If you are not collecting emails or doing email marketing you are definitely missing out.  You control your own destiny with email and are not restricted in your marketing compared to networks like Google and Facebook.  We use ActiveCampaign for our email marketing.  They approve cannabis companies. See our overview article in the description below.  It is absolutely essential to use a crm that approves cannabis companies if not you could lose your entire customer list if they shut you down.

You can take the same content you are putting on social media and push it out via email. Social networks algorithms prevent all your followers from seeing your social posts. Email is a way to get your message out to more people who actually want to hear from you!

CBD SEO and content development the time is now!

Covid crisis aside you should always be focusing on your SEO and content development but the current environment may allow for less distractions. Most of us are spending way more time indoors and on our computers. Perfect time to create a blog post or video about your brand. If writing or video development is not how you want to spend your time. We do have your covered. Fill out the form below and we can discuss a custom quote for your brand.

In conclusion, stay safe, stay active, and your CBD business will grow during the covid crisis. Eventually this difficult time will pass. If you take the proper steps now your CBD brand will come out stronger on the other side.