CBD Hemp Events in a Post Pandemic Nation

CBD Hemp Events in a Post Pandemic Nation

Summer is back on, right? The air across the country even feels more clear as the grip of COVID is loosened on all of us. As travel restrictions are lifted, events across every industry are beginning to populate calendars once again, and many professionals are thrilled to connect face-to-face once again, but what can we expect? With many events fully being moved to digital platforms, who is hosting in-person events? What can we expect from safety measures put in place for those who are unvaccinated? Are there still attendance restrictions? Let’s explore what CBD and Hemp events are going to look like in the US as we move into post-pandemic territory.

Digital Hemp Events Will Continue

Even with calls for more events to be hosted in-person, digital events aren’t going anywhere. Being able to attend meaningful industry events from the comfort of your home is a luxury which some people will never want to give up. Having digital events also opens the door to people with folks with disabilities to attend more readily as well, making industries more inclusive to those who may not have been able to participate before. Despite this increased accessibility, it has been displayed that digital events are not as engaging as face-to-face events, meaning that:

Hybrid events are growing in style. The best of both worlds, hybrid events will be providing accessibility to those who cannot or do not want to attend events in person while still giving that more traditional, interpersonal connection to those who can. The ability to engage with as many people as possible is always going to be a positive, especially in the still-growing hemp industry.

Despite some people being unwilling to consider in-person events safe, many people are seeking to emphasize just how in-person they can be. The importance of human touch/closeness is something that has been largely missing from peoples’ lives for the past year or so, making the desire to connect with proximity a priority. Expect and be prepared for handshakes, hugs with old connections, and a plethora of demonstrations or samples at upcoming hemp events

It is important to be aware of remaining restrictions on attendance. While many states have fully opened back to pre-pandemic standards, many event spaces and resources do still have attendance restrictions and mask requirements. Be aware that if your event spans multiple days or locations, you may need to be prepared to adhere to restrictions which don’t exist in some places. Be flexible and happy to connect with people face-to-face.

Perhaps the most important consideration to take into account as events start to pop back up across the hemp industry is that everybody has different expectations and comfort levels. Even people who are fully vaccinated are not comfortable being in large crowds and that’s okay. Let people take the precautions they see fit! Everyone had an undeniably weird past year or so and everybody is going to be a little weird on the other side of it. 

Looking to connect or reconnect with the hemp industry? Check out CBD Hemp Event’s directory of upcoming events. Including both in-person and digital events, our by-state calendar provides resources to people involved with the hemp industry no matter their experience level. Check it out here.