Hemp Agricultural News July 2021

Hemp Agricultural News July 2021

With the legal definition of hemp and what hemp products are permissible across the country in a constant state of flux, staying on top of what may be affecting your hemp-based business can be a chore. Your friends at the Hemp Farm Collective are here to help! Check out the latest hemp agricultural news from the month of July 2021:

Idaho State Legislature Prepares Plan for USDA Review – After remaining the most viscously anti-cannabis state since the Federal ban on hemp was lifted, Idaho is beginning the process of legalizing industrial hemp across the state. In the proposal to be presented to the USDA on September 1, 2021, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) seeks to get that state’s first crop of hemp in the ground by spring of 2022. Contained in the proposal is a series of rules and regulations, including a $100 application fee to become a hemp farmer, a $500 annual fee to keep up that state-issued licensure, and a testing fee of $250 per lot for farmers. While late to the game, the ISDA expects a quick review and approval process from the Federal government.

White House Suggests Updating Cannabis Retailer Classification – According to a report from Marijuana Moment, the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) has been recommended from the White House to update the classifications of several cannabis-oriented market segments. Among those expected to be updated is the classification of cannabis retail stores which “primarily engage in smokers’ supplies”, which should classify them in a similar category as traditional tobacco stores. Additionally affected would be hemp-crop retailers which have been recommended to have their own, new category under NAICS classifications. The primary driving factor behind these suggested changes is to better collect market data alongside updated Federal Census efforts to understand the market flow of hemp products.

Former Textile Mill in Pennsylvania to be Dedicated to Hemp Plastics – Pennsylvania-based Sivana Converting LLC has acquired a 350,000 square foot industrial space which was formerly known as the Sunbury Textile Mill in Sunbury, PA. With the closing process started, Sivana Converting intends to fully outfit the 57-acre site with the proper equipment to not only produce hemp-based plastics on a large scale, but to also invest in the future expansion into hemp pulp and fiber processing to help provide materials to other manufacturers. Announced in July 2021, Sivana plans to have the factory equipped with machinery within 3 months and has the intention to be hiring employees by spring of next year; starting with 50 job openings and expanding to 125 jobs by 2025.

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