Cannabis SEO for local impact starts with strategic regular blog articles.

Timely, Unique, Perfectly Crafted, and Customized for Your CBD Business.

Paid digital advertising options are limited when it comes to the CBD/Cannabis space. How do you get in-front of your local customers when they are searching online for you?

A detailed local SEO strategy aimed at getting your cannabis business to rank on search engines for the local CBD services you offer!

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Your cannabis business’ audience looks for it, your CBD business’s credibility demands it, and search engines LOVE it – it’s content.  Big, bold, informative blog articles that tell your business’s unique story, educates your audience, and sets your CBD store apart from all the others.  

This plan is perfect for Cannabis or CBD dispensaries!

We hand-craft totally unique Cannabis blog articles for our clients on subjects as diverse as wedding planning, piano repair, and home contracting and we do it with expert, North American writers and the best proof-reading and spell checking tools.  

Our CBD CONTENT is KING package includes:

  • 4 unique and compelling cannabis articles per month (500-600 words each) 
  • Links to authoritative material supporting the blog article 
  • Effective calls to action
  • A simple process that provides you the opportunity to approve each article
  • Social media promotion of your new content

CANNABIS CONTENT is KING and we want to help your small business leverage the power of featuring hand-crafted, properly written, and costumer-centric blog  and social media content.  

The emphasis of the package is to provide our clients with unique, authoritative blog content on a consistent basis and help them broadcast the CBD content across their social media platforms.